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The Shit presents their second album “N°2”

After travelling to Joshua Tree, California to record The Shit’s first release, “Dingleberry Fields Forever” in 2012 (Subversiv Records), the band chose to stay closer to home for the production and recording of this second album, working with producer Matt Bordin at Outside Inside Analog Studios near Venice, Italy. “N°2” also features an amazing list of guest musicians such as Delaney Davidson and Pierre Omer (Dead Brothers) and David Catching (QOTSA, Eagles of Death Metal) among others! The mind blowing artwork was once more made by legendary artist Dirk Bonsma.

“N°2” is a slight departure from the Boogie, Butt-Rock of the first album concentrating instead on a more straight-forward Rock & Roll sound but still featuring The Shit’s trademark “wall of guitar” sound and of course their one-of-a-kind sense of humor! Subversiv Records will officially release “N°2” October 9th, 2015 (Vinyl, CD, Digital). The Shit will be available for bookings in Fall/Winter 2015/16. Live shows will also feature Roland Bucher and Christian Aregger - Two drums and Three guitars!

The Band:
The Shit are Robert Butler (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Pit Lee Hertig (Drums), Philipp Thoeni (Bass) and Franz Hausammann (Guitar) who formed the band in the fall of 2010 bubbling up from the vast, dirty corners of the Swiss underground music scene from bands like The Come N’ Go, Reverend Beat-Man’s Blues Trash Trio, Unhold, The Licks, Miracle Workers (US), King Pepe, Da Cruz, The Fuckadies, Ray Wilko, Bishop’s Daughter and dozens of more groups you never heard of.


released October 9, 2015



all rights reserved


The Shit Bern, Switzerland

THE SHIT are a garage Rock And Roll band from Bern, Switzerland. Loaded with lots of FUZZ, primitive beats and a whole lot of complaining about love, life and all the crap in between.

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Track Name: I CAN DIG IT
I Can Dig It

Well I Went Downtown To See You Pretty Lady
But Your Boss Said That You've Gone
So I Went Outside And Picked Up A Dime
And I Called You On The Telephone
Cuz I Can Dig Your Rock N Roll
Makes Me Feel Alright, Oh Yeah!
I Can Dig Your Rock N Roll
Gonna Make Ya Scream All Night!
Went To The Liquor Store And Bought A Couple Bottles
Of Some Red Wine Made In France
Got To Your Front Door In The Pouring Rain
and In The Mood To Drink And Dance
Your Porch Light's On But You Don't Answer
So I Start Running Around Knocking On Your Back Door
You Open Up And Say Alright
Turn Up Them Speakers So We Feel Alright
Track Name: IT WON'T BE LONG
It Won't Be Long
Sara Jane Is Living Down The Lane
But Her 9 To 5 Is Driving Her Insane
And She Just Can't Understand It Anymore
Mary Ann Is Doing What She Can
Since Her New Husband Has Left Her For A Man
And Now She Can't Understand It Anymore
In All This Life I Gotta Choose
Cuz I Never Went Back To School
I Made Every Right Into A Wrong
And Baby Baby Baby, It Won't Be Long
Bobby Jay Is Waiting For The Man
On A Life Support He's Doing What He Can
Cuz He Can't Understand It Anymore
Suzy Q Is Paying Back Her Dues
But Her Ramblin' Man Is Giving Her The Blues
But She Can't Understand Him Anymore
Little Tommy Jones Has Done His Very Best
But His Heart Exploded In The Middle Of His Chest
And Now He Can’T Understand It Anymore
Juke Joint Johnny In The Middle Of A Fight
Broke His Middle Finger Trying To Get It Right
But He Can't Understand It Anymore
Knocking On Wood
I Saw You Weeping By The Willows Baby
Fighting Again With Your Guy
All That Fancy Talk That He Is Sayin
is Just Lies, Are Just Lies.
Everytime That I See You With Him
And Everytime That You Cry
I Keep Repeating That You'll Be My Baby
In Time, Well In Time, Yeah
I've Seen The Fortune Teller
And I've Been Knocking On Wood
And I've Crossing All My Fingers Baby
That You'll Be Mine, That You'll Be Mine, Yeah
Broken Heart On A Piece Of Plastic
Well I Can See That You Tried
Be Better Off If You'd Be My Baby
By My Side, By My Side, Yeah
Summertime Is Made For Kissing
Before The Flowers Are Dry
But If You Don't Wanna Be My Baby
I'll Just Die, I'll Just Die, Yeah
Small Town, Small Talk
Gonna Go And Take A Walk
Just Get The Fuck Outta Here
To A Place, Where A Face
Might Smile Like Outerspace
When I Pay For My Beer
Cuz He Knows That You Know
That She Knows About You Know
Who She Was With, Who She's Been With
And Who She's Fucking Right Now
And I'm Wasting My Time, Start Losing My Mind
Cuz I'm Listening
Shut In, Shot Down
Don't Even Want To See This Town
Gonna Leave It All Behind
Get A Tank, Rob A Bank
Get Enough Cash And Move To Burbank
In California
Sit At Home, All Alone
Don't Even Answer The Phone
Cuz It Might Be Her There
Broken Heart, Broken Dreams,
Even Broken Coffee Machines
Only She Can Repair
Everybody's Happy Now
No more Mammy, no more Pappy:
Ain't we lucky, ain't we happy?
Everybody's oh so happy,
Everybody's happy now!
Sex galore, but no more marriages;
No more pushing baby carriages;
No one has to change a nappy
Ain't we lucky, ain't we happy:
Everybody's happy now.
Dope for tea and dope for dinner,
Fun all night, and love and laughter;
No remorse, no morning after.
Where's the sin, and who's the sinner?
Everybody's happy now!
Girls pneumatic, girls exotic,
Girls ecstatic, girls erotic
Hug me, Baby; make it snappy.
Everybody's oh so happy,
Everybody's happy now!
Lots to eat and hours for drinking
Soma cocktails–no more thinking.
~ Aldous Huxley
Murder In July

Laying Down Cuz I Don't Feel Right
Only Wishing It Was Afternoon
And The Cops All Shining Their Light
In The Middle Of My Living Room
This Time Another Crime Just Happened
In My Fuckin Neighborhood
An Old Couple Out Of Their Prime
Got Beaten With A Piece Of Wood
And I Don't Wonder Why
Just Another Murder In July
This Time I'm Outta Line
Just Feeling Like A Piece Of Crap
I've Got Baby Nothing To Give
Better Hide Away And Take A Nap
Too Old To Die Young
I See You Coming Around
You're Bringing Them Same Old People
And You, You're Lying Around
Like A Church Without It's Steeple
Well I Know, Yes, I Know That You Are Golden
And Shining All Night
Well I Know, Yes, I Know You're William Holden
Downtown Saturday Night
I See You Stumbling Down
Down The Road That Leads To Nowhere
All You Do Is Turn Around
And Take The First Step Back To Somewhere
Well I Know That You Burn Like A Roman Candle
Exploding All Night
And I Know That Your Fuse Is Burning Brightly
Cuz It's Saturday Night
And Time Doesn't Wait For Nobody But You
And You Thought You'd Made It Like The Chosen Few
But Now You're Too Old To Die Young
I See You COMing To Town
On A Horse That's Got No Saddle
And You, You're Floating Around
In Boat Without A Paddle
And I Know That You Know That You Can Make It
And You Know That I Know That You Just Can't Fake It
Downtown Saturday Night
Lookie There

I'm A Card Carrying Member
Of The International Girl Watchers Scene
And That Girl Is Looking Good
Like The Cover Of A French Magazine
So Lookie There! Where? Over There!
You Are Blind Or You Don't Care
So Lookie There! Where? Over There!
The Lovely Lady With Long Hair
I'm At A Little Club Trying TO Get Me Some Grub
And Man, You Wouldn't Believe What I See
Check Them Four Pretty Ladies Right Over There
Playing That Pinball Machine
So Lookie There! Where? Sitting There!
Those Gorgeous Girls That Just Don't Care
So Lookie There! Where? Over There!
You Can Look But Please Don't Stare
Another Man's Dick
I'm A Traveling Man And I Make A Lot Of Money
And I Do The Best I Can
But Surpise, Surprise, There Ain't No Tears In My Eyes
When I Should Have Walked Instead Of Ran
I Was Dreaming About A Friend Of Mine
It Seemed Gravity Just Fell Through
Then He Bumped His Head And Now He's Dead
It's Like Walking In Another Man's Shoes
She Just Flew In To Southern California
Meanwhile I'm Alone In Arizona
All Of This Traveling Makes Me Sick
It's Like Fucking With Another Man's Dick
So My Lover Told Me, Soft And Sweet
''Don't Ya Need A Day Job Too?''
I Cringed Inside With No Tears In My Eyes
It's Like Stepping In Another Man's Poo
I Took A One Way Ticket On A Train To Oklahoma
She's In A Motel On The Outskirts Of Tahoma
Knowing That Woman Is With That Prick
It Feels Like Fucking With Another Man's Dick
So Curtis Asked A Friend Of Mine
''Hasn't This Storm Blown Through?''
Then My Buddy Said ''It's Right Over Your Head''
It's Like Playing With Another Man's Blues
She Just Flew InTo Southern California
Meanwhile I'm Alone In Arizona
All Of Her Cheatin' Make Me Sick
She's All Suckin' On Another Man
And I Can't Understand
I Knew I Shoulda Ran
She's With That Other Man
It's Like Fucking With Another Man
And I Can't Understand
Fucking With Another Man's Dick
Track Name: ON THE LEVEL
On The Level
No, I, I Can't Wait Forever
Even Though You Think It Just Make Take Forever
You Can Medicate My Mind, Make Everything Sublime
But What We Got Right Here Is On The Level
Now I Can See You Right There On The Corner
Ain't Nothing You Have Said That Will Make Me Want Ya
You Can Heal My Head Then You Kick Me Out Of My Bed
Ain't Nothing You Have Said
That Will Make Me Want Ya On The Level
Love To Get Down
Shaking Street And 1-2-5
Feel Sick And Dirty More Dead Than Alive
Helter Skelter And Spill The Wine
Cuz I Do It All Of The Time
Because I Love To Get Down
Fireball, A Real Cool Time
I Can't Seem To Make You Mine
Wild Thing, My Ding-a-ling
Makes Me Want To Get Up And Scream
Because I Love To Get Down
Ramblin Man And John Coltrane
Sex Machine, Dream Baby Dream
My Sweet Lord I Walk The Line
Cuz I Do It All Of The Time
Because I Love To Get Down
What It's All About
So You Say That You Think That I Got To Know
Just How The Wind Blows, But I Really Don't.
How To Plant A Seed And Watch It Grow
But I Don't Know, No, I Really Don't
If You Think You Know What It's All About
I Don't Think You Need To Scream And Shout
There's A Big Idea To Figure Out Right Now
To Keep From Wiggin' Out
Cuz We Can't Stand Feeling Alone
Even Though That We Know We're One
So Your Mama Said What She Thinks About
And Your Papa Says Just What He Drinks About
So Anyhow, Just What You Gonna Do?
Whatchu Gonna Do?
Just Lay On Low, Baby, Scream And Shout
Heaven Only Knows What It's All About
There's A Big Idea To Figure Out, Right Now
To Keep From Wiggin' Out
Cuz We Can't Stand Feeling Alone
Even Though That We Know We're One
We Know What It's All Abou